Grove City


Also known as the “Gateway to Stump Pass”, Grove City is a small, waterfront community in Southwest Florida.

  • Stretching approximately 4½ miles along the Gulf of Mexico
  • Oyster Creek to the north and Buck Creek to the south, and 1½ miles wide over to Winchester Blvd.
  • Small, unique community of only 1804 residents in 1045 households, per the 2010 Census Reports
  • Located in beautiful Charlotte County
Residents of Grove City really enjoy this small community nestled between Englewood and Boca Grande. It shares a close proximity to many barrier islands such as Palm Island, Knight Island, Don Pedro Island, Little Gasparilla Island and Gasparilla Island (the community of Boca Grande). It is sometimes referred to as “Grove City on the Gulf” due to the fact that there are so many waterfront properties.